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  • WEBOs Learn | The Epic Formula to Eliminate Overwhelm & Accomplishing Goals for Unstoppable CEOs

WEBOs Learn | The Epic Formula to Eliminate Overwhelm & Accomplishing Goals for Unstoppable CEOs

  • 28 Oct 2021
  • 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
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The Epic Formula to Eliminate Overwhelm & Accomplishing Goals for Unstoppable CEOs

“A sensation... a series of thoughts and images, a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal.” That is a dream. A dream can come to life in the form of a goal, a plan, a project, for anything you aspire to achieve. Do your dreams stay dreams, or do they become your reality? For those of us who want to manifest the dream, we must live to answer the calling through our mindset, beliefs, and intentional, strategic action. This promotes business sustainability. Think of planning as a roadmap. The destination of where you’re going doesn’t change. How you journey to the destination may detour along the way. And, that’s ok. Set and manage reasonable expectations and have stewardship over your non-negotiable needs. Through clarity, confidence, and commitment to consistently show up, we get things accomplished through a proprietary strategy called The D.O.N.E. Formula™️.

    What You'll Learn:

    1. Uncover the CEO goals that will promote your future self & others

    2. Apply 4 proven steps for taking quick action on your new, profitable idea to launch 

    3. Connect with why building relationships to structure your business for sustainability & impact gets you there faster

    About TaJuanna Taylor

    Through a well-earned reputation for her ability to shape and mobilize a business-focused vision, TaJuanna is the Principal Consultant and Accountability Coach executives turn to when they're launching new, profitable ideas. As the founder and CEO of her boutique consulting company Bootstrap Dreams, LLC, TaJuanna applied her 15+ years of small business and state government experience to crafting, testing, and teaching her proprietary strategy, The D.O.N.E. Formula™️. TaJuanna’s formula proves that even the most complex business endeavors can significantly bypass overwhelm using processes and systems to achieve desired results. TaJuanna has been recognized over 9xs in the areas of leadership, social impact, implementation, contribution and exemplary service through her work as a Project Management Professional (PMP®️). TaJuanna is driven by resilience and relentlessly speaks from the gift of encouragement. She finds fulfillment in faith, exploring new things, journeying through motherhood, and living life in community with others. TaJuanna inspires with messages out of life’s messes and is on an impassioned mission to turn former sufferings into service.

    What is WEBOs Learn?

    Maya Angelou said “When we know better, we do better.” That’s the idea behind WEBOs Learn, our monthly educational and growth program. WEBOs Learn brings life and business experts to the WEBO community to share strategies, lessons, and takeaways you can take back to your business to help you achieve your success. These presentations and discussions are motivating, inspiring, and educational.  

    WEBOs Learn is held on the first, third, and fourth Thursday of each month.

    What can you expect at WEBOs Learn?

    • Expertise – our presenters are life and business experts who will share their information and skills to help you grow your personal and professional knowledge.
    • Real life takeaways – from stress relief strategies to social media plans, you will come away from every WEBOs Learn session with real takeaways you can use.
    • Community building and networking – Every WEBO event is an opportunity to connect with other passionate, motivated women business owners

    Open to anyone who just wants to be better and do better.

    WEBOs Learn events are always FREE for membersWe invite guests to join us for up to two paid individual events. If you're thrilled with your experience, and we know you will be, we invite you to either become a member or continue to experience our events as a 30-day trial member!

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