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  • WEBOs Learn | Why Marketing Is Pointless If You Don’t Have A Plan

WEBOs Learn | Why Marketing Is Pointless If You Don’t Have A Plan

  • 21 Oct 2021
  • 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
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Why Marketing Is Pointless If You Don’t Have A Plan

Do you feel like your marketing needs more focus? Are you trying different things, but don’t know if they’re working? Do you get frustrated with your marketing and hate doing it?

If this is you, you might want to revisit your marketing plan, or write a new one. Ideally, your marketing strategy plan should flow logically from your business goals and all activity should help you reach them. If not, there’s no point. This talk will give you a framework to approach your marketing plan and tips on making sure that it serves you, rather than being something that gathers dust in a drawer.

    What You'll Learn to

    1. What steps you need to take before you put together a marketing strategy plan
    2. How to evaluate your existing marketing plan
    3. Tips to create a solid marketing plan

    About Georgina Miller

    Georgina is a marketing strategist for small businesses. She is proud to be a generalist and that overview makes her great at strategic thinking. Her favorite part of her work is giving clients their direction – working with them to clear away the noise and give them a route to follow to reach their goals.

    She started her exploration of the world by studying French and German at the University of Oxford, where she relished the complexity of French literature by Algerian women and German writers from former East Germany. She then spent seven years in European Public Relations agencies writing about technology. After moving to the US five years ago, she became Head of Marketing at a hospitality technology start-up. This varied background gives her both an eye for detail (years of proof-reading) and helps her see and connect things in a way others don’t. Nowadays, as Crabapple Communications, she helps her clients see the forest for the trees, and then create a path through it.

    What is WEBOs Learn?

    Maya Angelou said “When we know better, we do better.” That’s the idea behind WEBOs Learn, our monthly educational and growth program. WEBOs Learn brings life and business experts to the WEBO community to share strategies, lessons, and takeaways you can take back to your business to help you achieve your success. These presentations and discussions are motivating, inspiring, and educational.  

    WEBOs Learn is held on the first, third, and fourth Thursday of each month.

    What can you expect at WEBOs Learn?

    • Expertise – our presenters are life and business experts who will share their information and skills to help you grow your personal and professional knowledge.
    • Real life takeaways – from stress relief strategies to social media plans, you will come away from every WEBOs Learn session with real takeaways you can use.
    • Community building and networking – Every WEBO event is an opportunity to connect with other passionate, motivated women business owners

    Open to anyone who just wants to be better and do better.

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