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  • WEBOs Learn | A Journalist’s 5-Step Guide to Get Your Story Featured

WEBOs Learn | A Journalist’s 5-Step Guide to Get Your Story Featured

  • 23 Sep 2021
  • 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
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A Journalist’s 5-Step Guide to Get Your Story Featured

In this class, Sandra will pull back the curtain on what it is like to work as a journalist and show you what you need to have in your story pitch in order to get attention. This class is PR from the journalist’s perspective and how you can make a journalist want to cover your story by giving it to them in a way that suits how they work.

    What You'll Learn to

    1. What journalists want to see in content that is pitched to them
    2. 5 top elements you need to in your media publicity campaign content
    3. Why it should not be all about you, even though you are the one pitching the story
    4. And I will show you what I, as a former journalist, likes to see when I open a pitch.

    About Sandra Coffey

    Sandra Coffey is a former journalist and editor from Ireland who now works as a publicity mentor and trainer. She has over 15 years’ experience in media organizations working across different mediums from print to radio to television. As part of Sandra’s undergraduate, she got to go to college in the US in Maryland (many years ago now!) and loved every minute. She extended her visa and stayed on for the summer where she worked at a summer camp and became a high ropes instructor before returning to Ireland to finish her undergraduate and going on to become a journalist. Sandra hosts monthly PR masterclasses and released her first book last April followed by her online course.

    What is WEBOs Learn?

    Maya Angelou said “When we know better, we do better.” That’s the idea behind WEBOs Learn, our monthly educational and growth program. WEBOs Learn brings life and business experts to the WEBO community to share strategies, lessons, and takeaways you can take back to your business to help you achieve your success. These presentations and discussions are motivating, inspiring, and educational.  

    WEBOs Learn is held on the first, third, and fourth Thursday of each month.

    What can you expect at WEBOs Learn?

    • Expertise – our presenters are life and business experts who will share their information and skills to help you grow your personal and professional knowledge.
    • Real life takeaways – from stress relief strategies to social media plans, you will come away from every WEBOs Learn session with real takeaways you can use.
    • Community building and networking – Every WEBO event is an opportunity to connect with other passionate, motivated women business owners

    Open to anyone who just wants to be better and do better.

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