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  • WEBO Member Only Event - Your Vision Garden

WEBO Member Only Event - Your Vision Garden

  • 18 Sep 2020
  • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • http://zoom.us/j/5231943848
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Join us for WEBO Creative Connections presents Your Vision Garden! 

As a benefit of being a paid Member of WEBO, this event will be hosted for FREE!

Sept 18 6-8pm 

Put your game face on, grab a cocktail or mocktail  and be ready to create! 

You did your visioning for 2020 back in January, decided your word, themes, your focus, set goals. You had no idea what this year had in store for us, and many of us have had to re-focus and re-invent our businesses and our lives.

We have been told to believe we should complete our goals by December 31st, and be ready with all new ones and plant a whole new garden by January 1st (which starts your year already in exhaustion and overwhelm). But that is not the Wise Woman way, which is cyclical, and honors your rhythms and those of nature, we do not plant gardens in January, we let them rest and rejuvenate until the spring. We plant seeds in Spring and Autumn. In this rhythmic way of planning we understand projects and visions have a cycle where you put various amounts of energy into each one depending on whether it is still a seed, it is a blossom, or it is bearing fruit that is harvested year after year.

Traditional year- beginning visioning also does not take into account…major life changes, or amazing ideas that come up throughout the year. Both of these take more energy and focus than your day to day business that already sustains you, or your day to day life that also takes nourishing energy so that you enjoy ALL of your life, not just your business.

In this cyclical way, you will be able to plan for the remainder of this year, and into early next year, rather than rushing to meet some goal right in the middle of the holidays and winter, where it is time to go internal and vision for the future of what your sacred work will look like and celebrate what you have already done. You will also understand what January and February might look like, rather than creating goals on January 1st and not being able to bring anything into form until March. When you follow this rhythm each subsequent year becomes more natural, more aligned with our rhythms as women, and especially mothers, and you will find yourself much more relaxed and ready to start the new year continuing on your visions in the timing they were meant to be brought into the world.
Some seeds we plant take time, love, and patience to see come into fruition. They don't all happen overnight, and that is OK. Other seeds that we planted or goals that we set in January have been brought to fruition and can be put on maintenance mode, where they do not take as much time and energy but still bring you abundance.

In this Intentional Creativity® practice we will use the metaphor of a garden and complete a mixed media project of our garden of roots, seeds, blossoms, fruit and trees, and look at when each dream makes sense to bring out into the world, based on your rhythm, not some external view of when you should complete goals or goal setting. There will be visualizations, journaling and creativity to see where and what you will put your life force energy into through the rest of the year, release what you no longer desire, and give yourself the nourishment you need during December to spend time with yourself and your family. We will also look at what it takes to sustain your garden so that your trees produce year after year so that you don't have to start a brand new garden every year.

We will also look at the plants that perhaps never produced, honor them, and send them back to the soil to nourish new life.

No art experience required. There are some basic supplies listed below, and optional FUN supplies. For anyone who registers by September 8th you will also receive some happy mail to add to your project.

Project Background-

The 5 packs are way cheaper than single if you want more than one

Acrylic Paints- You can use any acrylics you choose, from craft paint to high end acrylics. Just choose a variety of colors that would say “garden” to you. You will want a sky, and earth, plus colors for a tree, and whatever you like for flowers, leaves, fruits, and seeds.
Paint brushes- I like one large one for the background and some varieties of smaller rounds. Here is an inexpensive set(s) but really use whatever works for your budget.

2 inch foam brushes are really cheap and will get coverage quickly for your background.

Markers and Pens- have a variety of colors of permanent markers-sharpies are fine. At least one fine tip permanent black. Such as:

I also love acrylic paint markers-optional and higher end, but I adore these magic wands- https://www.michaels.com/uni-posca-pc-5m-medium-tip-paint-marker-set/10603259.html

Journal for taking notes. Water jar and spray bottle. Palette (paper plate). If you do papercrafting- scissors and mod podge. You may want to have a hair dryer handy if your paint isn’t drying as we move through the process.

Optional: This is about fun, if you want glitter, pretty papers to make flowers with, or anything that frees your creativity, go for it! You can continue to work on the project outside of our time together.

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