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  • WEBOs Learn (North Denver) - March 2020 Quarterly Intensive

WEBOs Learn (North Denver) - March 2020 Quarterly Intensive

  • 19 Mar 2020
  • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Zoom Video Conference
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*As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, all WEBO events will be via Zoom. Please register to each event to receive the Zoom link via email.*

As a business owner we have SO many things to keep track of. Our leads, our programs, and most importantly our MONEY.

Join us for Fast Track to Money Mindfulness. Our three speakers will show us: 

  1. how to ask for the money we're worth and not be weird about it
  2. what numbers we need to keep track of to make a profit AND pay ourselves
  3. how to easily keep track of it all

This presentation will be wrapped up with a Q&A panel where you can have YOUR money questions answered.

Money Mindset: You're Already a Millionaire

Money can make things weird. If we don't have the right mindset around money ourselves, it can make owning and running a business even harder. In this experiential talk, Kristen will show you that you are already a millionaire and then how to find your first Billion. Knowing your worth will change the way you show up in the world and how to rock your own business.

Kristen Judd has a degree in Accounting and Finance from Fort Lewis College and has returned back to financial services after spending some time in corporate america and owning a couple of small businesses.  She can relate to just about everyone’s situation because she has experienced it. One of the biggest reasons why she came back to financial services was finding a company that focuses on the education of money for individuals, families and business owners.  She is passionate about what she does and enjoys giving people the opportunity to leave their financial strife behind and move forward with a plan they can believe in and can grow with. She is a dynamic and sought after speaker for educational workshops and seminars.  She has found her home and loves being able to be of service whether it is her clients, fellow agents, or any of her team members. She is the host of Wine, Women and Wealth in the Westminster area and has been giving back to that community for 5+ years now. She is also a published author. She self-published her journal Own Your Future and is a co-author of Wine, Women & Wealth.



Instagram - kristen_judd

Pricing for Profit

Knowing your worth is huge but once you know your worth, it is time to ensure you have built in profits to your pricing model. It is not about quantity when you have the quality. More is not always better when we are talking number of people we serve, but when we are talking money…

Working things from the end to the beginning, you will walk away with an understanding of how to price your services or products to ensure each and every sale is profitable.

Amanda Kendall, owner of Elevating Profits brings her 16+ years of tax and accounting experience combined with her 9+ years of being an entrepreneur to help her clients master the money business of running a business. As a numbers geek through and through, she helps simplify the process of getting to the profits. Her experiences through 7 different businesses and partnerships has given her insight and firsthand knowledge on little tweaks that can help a business go from struggling to thriving! Amanda is a mom to two boys and a Colorado native who enjoys life to the fullest. When she is not working, she can usually be found outdoors doing something fun and adventurous.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AmandaKendallEA
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/amandakendallea/

Know Your Numbers

Participants will learn how important it is to keep a record of their financial numbers for tax preparation. Apps to help support their tracking needs and learn which method will work best for them. They will also leave with tools they can use to document their income/expenses and how to quickly calculate their price for profit.

Nicole Anderson, owner of Excellent Bookkeeping Services, LLC is passionate about helping you EXCEL your P&L. She has worked in diverse corporate accounting roles for 25+ years, including time spent at Janus Capital and Western Union. Today, she uses her corporate knowledge and Bachelors in Accounting degree to support service-based entrepreneurs through QuickBooks Online or simple streamlined spreadsheets in Excel. Most importantly, Nicole’s goal is to make sure YOU feel CONFIDENT with your accounting processes and procedures.




About WEBOs Learn Quarterly Intensives

Each quarter, WEBOs Learn expands into a half-day intensive experience with mulitple speakers, experiential  learning opportunities, and a chance to dig deep into one area of running your business.  Be sure to watch out for these hot "business bootcamps" and reserve your spot!

WEBOs Learn is open to WEBO members, guests, and visitors.  

What can you expect at WEBOs Learn?

  • Expertise – our presenters are life and business experts who will share their information and skills to help you grow your personal and professional knowledge.
  • Real life takeaways – from stress relief strategies to social media plans, you will come away from every WEBOs Learn session with real takeaways you can use.
  • Community building and networking – Every WEBO event is an opportunity to connect with other passionate, motivated women business owners.
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